Monday, November 22, 2010

So much going on!

The holidays are descending fast and furious. Way too much to do and already not enough time. Well, things are just that way here as well. The drive of the majority of my work is aimed towards the solo show in January. It is my goal to show as many people as I possibly can what I am doing and where I see my artwork going. As a result, production and promotion have all been in high gear. Press releases heading out all last week, painting and framing. All this while still weaving in the smaller paying jobs that keep things going. Good news is that there has been a positive response for the show so far. A couple of magazines have expressed interest and hopefully that will turn into more.

One other great feeling from this past week is to see our Model Monday Events really starting to take shape and become what we had hoped it would be. The goal was simple. Find people who would be willing to sit for a free portrait and then invite other artists to come and join us with their paints and pencils. It has turned out to be a lively, artistic event that has brought together old friends and created new friends. It has quite simply grown into what both Erin and I had hoped it would. We are looking forward to many more Monday night Model nights at the SAART Gallery. Please come on down and join us from 6-8pm.

On the bench in the studio is a brand new razor painting however with this one I am breaking down the complete project as I go. With any luck, I will get this how-to published for everyone to see. If all works out, it will coincide with the opening of the show and that would simply be over the top. Thanks for checking in and I’ll talk to you all next week!!

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