Sunday, April 13, 2014

Everything finds its place

There are so many incredible ways to get our voice heard these days. As artists, we work hard to make sure that it is the art that speaks the loudest yet it is always great to get the chance to offer the 'director's commentary' on a painting. To give the viewer of the work the background and inspiration that helped pull the piece into reality.

Over the past few years, I have found that social media has become an excellent way to keep my work and its progress in front of people that were interested in it. Where my website is my virtual gallery,  Facebook became the visit to the studio for people. Facebook gives people a chance to follow along on a day to day basis with the painting process here. Everyone now has the chance to get involved with the work individually by leaving comments and asking questions.  My blog and twitter accounts did not find their place as fast as the website and Facebook did however. It involved taking a step back and looking at the big picture at the strengths of each to help find their place.

This blog is now going to be the place to get that director's commentary on the paintings that I am producing. Eventually it will be the spot where you can come if you see a painting that strikes you and get an in depth description about how it came to be. This blog will also allow for comments and questions to get even more information on the works.

Finally the twitter account will be the place for instant updates and thoughts about the industry. Tweets will allow people to know when something new is happening on the easel. In the coming months there will be a special giveaways to help boost awareness of both this blog and of the twitter account.

On this Sunday morning though, I need to start pulling together the materials for the Twitter giveaway! Stay tuned for the details!!

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