Thursday, September 9, 2010

The new blog!

Thanks to a great amount of help and talented designers, the new has gone live! The idea and drive for the new web site was to clean it up and create more of an online, dedicated portfolio. In addition, we were looking to create a place where media support could be readily available. Filling those goals however, left no room for some of the educational and personal aspects of the old site that I liked so much.

Enter the solution! Up in the Air. With this blog, I plan on weekly updates of the new art that is in the works, tips and tricks as well as having the opportunity to answer questions and respond to comments. The website will be the walk through the gallery of artwork and the blog will be more like a visit into the studio.

The schedule looks as if Monday updates will be the plan however, I will certianly update it more frequently if things come up.

I hope you follow along, jump in with suggestions and comments and most of all that you enjoy the content!


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